Consolidated shipments

We offer weekly-consolidated shipments to Moscow from our warehouses in Sweden, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. We will collect goods of any origin to our storage facility in a country of your choice and consolidate small shipments according to your needs and instructions. We provide daily tracking and updates on the state of your goods.

Our expert team guarantees the highest level of quality to a competitive price.

Wholesale / Full load

A full load is usually intended for one consignee and takes up all shipping capacity of a vehicle. However, the full load can be comprised of multiple shipments collected from multiple warehouses. We can arrange full load shipping by any means of transportation and collect in multiple locations when a full vehicle is booked for single consignee-delivery. We always aim to reduce your shipping costs and will naturally provide a tailored, competitive solution in terms of route and mode of transportation.

Hazardous goods

By definition, hazardous and dangerous goods are solids, gases and liquids that can harm their carrier and other people as well as animals, property and the surrounding environment. Such goods are classified and labeled according to different sets of rules and regulations. All we need is to know the classification of your cargo – we will take care of the rest, from packaging to final delivery.

Heavy and oversized goods

When forwarding oversized and/or heavy cargo there are no standard solutions. Every shipment is unique and if not handled properly by the right experts – a costly affair.

Supertransport Logistik Sweden AB are specialized in forwarding of heavy and oversized goods from countries in the west to Eastern Europe, Russia and the former CIS-territories.

Our expert team will handle every step of the forwarding process, from picking the best vehicle and route to arranging necessary permits and licenses with local authorities, ensuring full compliance with local and international laws and conventions normally associated with the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

As always, our objective is to cut your costs by suggesting multimodal options when applicable.

Specialty cargo

We have 25+ years of experience handling goods with specialty requirements

  • Heavy and or oversized goods with size, shape and weight deviations demanding specialty loading and unloading solutions, additional packaging etc.
  • Perishables – goods that require temperature and humidity control as well as timely delivery
  • High value goods often requiring additional insurance and/or security services
  • Odor control goods that require specialty packaging
  • Miscellaneous goods with unique shipping requirements (antiques etc.)

General Cargo

We handle general cargo packed in crates, bags, barrels, containers, boxes etc.

  • Steel products (steel bars, billets, sheets, wire, rolls, pipes, coils etc.)
  • Lumber and other wood products
  • Reinforced concrete products (beams, railway sleepers, columns, slabs, panels, tubes, rings etc.)
  • Mobile equipment

Our specialist team will consult you on how to transport and store your cargo.

Keep in mind that our offer will be tailored to the information you provide,
the more specific you are, the better our chance the chance to truly understand your need.

Try to specify the cargo type, customs codes, ADR-class, desired route and forwarding method as well as required documents.