Selection of our Previous Projects

Laminated Veneer Lumber

MLT Wood

To deliver equipment comprising a brand new wood products plant to its construction site in Torzhok, Russia. The goods were to be collected from multiple points of origin spread across Europe and Turkey and delivered on a just in time-principle basis with a very narrow delivery time frame.


The project was completed in 7 months’ time, during which more than 16 000 tons of cargo were delivered by 1400 trucks of varying kind, of which at least 400 were specialty vehicles for oversized and heavy cargo as well as by sea and other multimodal combinations tailored to this specific project. We delivered a complete package of logistics services ranging from contracting the right suppliers to controlling and ensuring seamless delivery on-site.

Bird Farming Plant

Belaya Ptica

Procurement, financing and extra narrow timeframe just-in-time delivery of full bird farming plant to Stary Oskol, Belgorod Region, Russia. Minimum five trucks per day delivery was non-negotiable in order to complete the construction on time.


We sourced the all equipment from Vencomatic, NL, arranged a profitable financing scheme, and delivered roughly 13 000 tons of equipment divided into 1100 truck shipments with a very low deviation margin in arrival time.

Energy Equipment


Heavy and oversized goods (generators, gas turbines and other energy equipment) from multiple points of origin in Asia and Europe. The goods were to be collected, consolidated and delivered simultaneously to the customs terminal for bulk clearance.

We performed six successful multimodal deliveries, collecting and consolidating goods from Czech Republic, Hungary, China and the Baltic countries to Belarus. We arranged the most cost-effective of air, sea and road freight combinations to collect, consolidated the shipments in containers and forwarded via European air- and sea freight ports for simultaneous arrival at the customs in Mogilev.

Power Plant


Delivery of complete “Wärstsilä” power plant to Siberia during winter in difficult climate conditions. Furthermore, the goods had to arrive at the customs terminal at the same time for bulk clearance.


We chartered a freighter to transport 1500 of the 2500 tons delivered by sea. Specialty vehicles for oversized cargo were arranged to transport the goods from port to destination. The complete shipment arrived at the customs terminal simultaneously, was cleared in bulk and delivered to its final destination by local area experts familiar with the climate and infrastructure.

Water Purification Equipment


Delivery of oversized water purification equipment to Mosvodokanal.


Our solution was a combination of sea- and road freight by specialty vehicles. Thus, 16 double wall reservoir tanks were delivered from Germany to Moscow.