Most of us agree that the children are our future. For that reason, we were quick to agree when first presented with an opportunity to donate our forwarding services to Usolye Region’s Home for Children with Special Needs, in Irkutsk, Russia.

Since that shipment, our co-operation has grown into a continuous effort to build and maintain new infrastructure and make a noticeable difference in the children’s living conditions.

Our objective is to provide as much relief as possible to the staff in their effort to implement the “Like Home” program, which aims to create a stable, warm and homelike environment for the children.

Our ambition is to make a significant difference in the everyday lives of the 80 kids living in Usolye Region’s Home For Children With Special Needs and boost their start in life. Therefore, we firmly believe in regular, consistent contributions, and that is why we donate a share of our annual profit in the names of our much honoured business partners.

The donations thus far have been used for the following purposes:


  • Christmas 2012: Furniture for the children’s quarters
  • Christmas 2013: New windows to the Siberian winter out
  • Christmas 2014: New washing machines
  • Christmas 2015: Renovation funds
  • Christmas 2016: Renovation funds
  • Christmas 2017: Sanitation equipment